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Featuring Indigenous Artwork

We have a selection of amazing stationery that includes some of Brett Groves original artwork prints.Choose from our beautiful range of greeting cards, desk calendars and gift wrapping.


Desk Calendar

These desk top calendars are not just a practical tool, they are also a beautiful selection of Brett Groves artwork and Bilingarra selected art pieces for you to visually enjoy each month. 

Greeting Cards

Always have a card on hand for all occasions. Our cards feature Brett Groves original artwork are unique and high quality for any occasion. 

Wrapping Paper

Share in our love of wrapping, the art of gift wrapping adds a beautiful personal touch and tells a friend or loved one that you put your heart into every step of the gift giving process.  Environmentally sustainable and Australian Made.

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    Greeting Cards - Mixed Indigenous - 5 x pack
    Wrapping Paper - Burrundi (Black) Cockatoos
    Greeting Cards - 'The Cousins' - 4 x pack
    Greeting Card - Burrundi (Black) Cockatoos
    Greeting Card - Camp Giilang (Story)
    Greeting Card - Girragirra (Happy) Place
    Greeting Card - Leura Roundabouts
    Greeting Card - Cousins (Energy)
    Greeting Card - Wumba (Star) Crossed Lovers
    Greeting Card - Cousins (Memories)
    Greeting Card - Acknowledgement of Country (Blue)
    Desk Calendars
    Greeting Card - Meet Me By The Yiramir (River)
    Greeting Card - Acknowledgement of Country (Red/Yellow)
    Greeting Card - Cousins (Journey)
    Greeting Cards - Coast Life Series
    Greeting Card - Cousins (Places)
    Greeting Card - The Three Sisters (Robert Goodlight, Katoomba)
    Greeting Card - Acknowledgement of Country (Robert Goodlight, Broken Hill)
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    The lovely art of letter and card writing is close to our hearts. A perfect way to stay in touch while we can't move around the world so freely.

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