Designed by you

Create It

Architecturally inspired system designed to make creating and hanging art in your home beautifully simple. Made from quality materials choose your own frame colour, size and print. Digitally printed on fabric your image easily inserts into the frame. Available in silver, black, gold & timber.
Illuminated Art

Light It

Illuminate your art print. With internal LED lighting your art print will be brought to life. Standard 240V "plug & play" eliminates the need for an electrician, plug it into an existing power point. A beautiful system without light, even more striking as night falls.
Sustainable Materials

Love it

The Bilingarra Art Solution is designed to be sustainable. When you want a change simply choose a new print for your Bilingarra Art Frame. The beauty of system is that it is re-usable making it a sustainable and cost effective choice. Our materials are 100% recyclable.
Switch it up

Change It

Ready for a change? Simply order multiple fabric prints and switch them up for a renovation, holiday or special occasion. Change the look of your room instantly. Simply peel out the current print and replace with a different image, it's easy, clever and unique.
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