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Brett Groves

Owner and founder of Bilingarra Indigenous Art & Culture.
Art journey

Spiritual Awakening

The moment I brushed the first stroke, released the paint from my first dot, something inside clicked. I felt something, I felt a sense of calm, I'd found connection to my culture. It was a very spiritual awakening.
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Brett's Giilang (Story)

Brett was born on Wiradjuri country in Parkes District Hospital in 1974. Parkes is a town in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia. Adopted at 2 months old by Wally & Jann Groves, the young family began their life adventure on Dharug country in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Brett moved to Gadigal land, Sydney at a young age where he spent most of his young adult life exploring the wonders the world had to offer.  Brett returned to Dharug land, the Blue Mountains where he purchased his first home. Brett created Bilingarra, Indigenous Art & Culture which is on Dharug and Gundungurra land and he has since returned home to  live on Wiradjuri country.

“When starting an artwork I never
know what the outcome or plan is. I wait for the time to be right, channel the person or subject I am painting for, tap into it’s energy and then the story starts coming into my mind, and I start to paint.

It gives me the goose bumps
seeing a clients reaction when I present their artwork and tell them the story behind it.

My connection to culture began when I started painting. I’m loving learning more about the brilliance behind our thousands of years of culture, through my art as I go along this journey.”

I am very proud to be Indigenous
and even more proud to be part of the new narrative for Indigenous


Erin Fry Wiradjuri born, living in Blackheath, Blue Mountains, Erin’s art is influenced by both her connection being Wiradjuri country
from her Mothers side and Celtic being the fathers side.


Kyle grew up in the small community of Goodooga in the far North West of NSW. A Yuraalaraay lad with close ties to the Murawari and Kamilaroi people. Kyle learnt how to make and find didgeridoos at a young age. His real love for making them came when he shared the making process with children and then through sharing of my knowledge within the school setting. He has a passion for creating unique pieces of work.


Alexis Ringrose is a young Australian artist with links to the Wiradjuri people, who draws inspiration from nature and has a deep love of Australian native flora and fauna. Alexis loves colour and likes to experiment with different colour palettes. Alexis loves to use gold or silver paints which is her
signature style.