Indigenous Artefacts

Sharing Culture & Diversity

Bilingarra work collaboratively with like minded creatives to share Indigenous culture and diversity.  We are passionate about bringing together Indigenous artists from the local area to share our passion for Country, people and cultural traditions.

Indigenous art is centred on story telling. It is used to communicate knowledge of the land, events and beliefs of the Indigenous people. The use of symbols is an alternate way to writing down stories of cultural significance. It educates the people on how to use the land and survive in it.

Our range currently features unique Indigenous pieces by maker and artist Kyle Webb. Kyle grew up in the small community of Goodooga in the far North West of NSW. A Yuraalaraay lad with close ties to the Murawari and Kamilaroi people.  Kyle learnt how to make and find didgeridoos at a young age. His real love for making them came when he shared the making process with children and then through sharing of my knowledge within the school setting. He has a passion for creating unique pieces of work.

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    Boomerang (Bulka)
    Hand painted Boomerang with stand
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    Mulga Wood Indigenous Artifacts
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    Emu Caller: Hand Carved with Emu Feathers
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    Didgeridoo: Bimble box tree Wood/ C
    Didgeridoo: Bimble box tree Wood/ C

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