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Create it, love it, light it, change it.

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Illuminated art solutions

The Bilingarra Art Solution is an architecturally inspired system designed to make creating and hanging art in your home beautifully simple. Choosing artwork has never been more effortless. Browse through our range of vibrant Australian landscapes and Indigenous art prints or let your creativity loose and customise with your own family photo, artwork or holiday snap. Choose your image and watch it come alive with the Bilingarra "Wow Factor". 

A beautiful point of difference with the Bilingarra Art Solution is the flexibility to change the print whenever you please, in a few quick minutes. Purchase multiple fabric prints and switch them up for a renovation, holiday or special occasion. Change the look of your room instantly. Simply peel out the current print and replace with a different image, it's clever and unique.

Select from our illuminated or non-illuminated frame systems and in just a few easy steps you are on your way to a unique and affordable Bilingarra Art Solution in your home.  

Beautifully simple, it's art re-imagined.

Proudly Australian designed and made.  


Bilingarra Art Solution - Complete System

Create it, light it, love it, change it. The Bilingarra Art Solution is an architecturally inspired system designed to make creating and hanging art in your home beautifully simple.

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Extra Fabric Prints

Love your Bilingarra Art Solution and fancy changing it up? The beauty and simplicity of The Bilingarra Art Solution is you can change your print as often as you please. Explore our range of prints or use your own photo. You must have a Bilingarra Art Solution full system before you select additional prints.

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light it up

Illuminated Art

Illuminate your Bilingarra Art Solution.  With internal LED lighting your art print will be brought to life.  As darkness falls your artwork really jumps off the wall.

Illuminated Collection

Australian Made